May 28
Requirements for using WordPress blog software
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By integrating WordPress blog software with your website, you give your web business an extra edge to grow more.

Following are the requirements to use WordPress as blogging software:

1. In order to run WordPress as your blogging software on your website, you need to make sure that your web host must support PHP scripts, as WordPress is written using PHP scripts and runs only on those sites that support PHP. Most of the commercial web hosts support this interpreted programming language called PHP.
2. Make sure your web hosting provider has MySQL database, as WordPress uses a particular file known as database to store your blog posts and its data. Generally MySQL database is available with most of the web hosting providers so you need not to be worried.
3. Go for those web hosting providers that run Apache web server on a UNIX supported system such as, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD. The benefits of Apache web server are that, you get number of options to organize the configuration of your website and the links to web pages. It is not one of the prime requirements, as WordPress runs on the other web servers as well.