Aug 13
Looking for a good web hosting company
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Here is typical scenario: You just designed a good website for your company or client’s company, and you look for a cheap web hosting company. Finally you get new hosting company and host the site without looking over its reviews or feedbacks just because it offered you another free domain and free hosting for 2 months. After few days when you try to open your website, it doesn’t open at all and gives errors. Just because you are paying doesn’t mean you are getting quality service from any web hosting company.

It is interesting to consider how much money you can spend on a good uk web hosting company, and it never stops at one place. One after another, you will see so many different of offers from many web hosting companies. A dark cloud of confusion hangs above your head and you don’t know where to begin with. Usually you have two choices: Go with the very cheap and unreliable hosting company or go with an affordable but very reliable hosting company. Of course you would want the reliable one. So why always think about money because once you are with bad team, you will loose the game.

Aug 1
Yahoo Following in the Footsteps of Bing and Google
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Yahoo has added local search results like Google and Bing. It is the newest thing for 2009 to have your website locally targeted in order to get more traffic. With the changes Yahoo has made sure to structure the data and add rich snippets like Google did a month ago. For consumers to find you in Yahoo the results will show snippets regarding user reviews, business location, price range, and other helpful information.

For example if you are selling shoes and your site is displayed in the results you will find a map, your address, telephone number, stars denoting the rating of your site, reviews, and prices in the Yahoo displayed results. It is to help the buyer find the right place for their budget, as well as to increase your sales.

To take advantage of this new offering all you have to do is update or add your business to Yahoo’s Search Monkey. Like Google you need to ensure that you get your local information into the listings as quickly as possible in order to benefit.

Local searches are imperative. More and more consumers are trying to find an inexpensive way to buy goods locally. They do not want to have to pay shipping, but they also don’t want to spend the gas driving around. In SEO if you want to succeed you need to make sure you have your local results displayed in Google, Yahoo, and Bing (formerly MSN search engine).

The more information you can give your consumers the easier it will be to get displayed. The drawback to the local search is that you do have to be what the consumer is looking for. However, if like our example of shoes the consumer is looking for shoes you have the potential to beat your competition for being local.